About Me

Melissa Dowler, Director and Creative Producer

I’m a Director and Producer with a visionary approach honed through co-founding Long Haul Films and leading groundbreaking video projects for globally recognized brands for more than a decade. A trailblazer in creative direction, I’ve established enduring partnerships with prestigious brands, fostering collaborative relationships that yield exceptional results. You’ve seen my work at film festivals, on television, and racking up thousands of views on digital media platforms.

Meticulous in overseeing pre-production intricacies, I’ve orchestrated complex multi-city shoots across diverse global locales, earning acclaim for meticulous attention to detail, superior storytelling acumen, and delivering unparalleled production quality. I prioritize creating client partnerships and on-set experiences that feel collaborative, open, supportive, and uplifting.

I’m based in Los Angeles and I work in cities around the globe. When I’m not on a project, you’ll find me practicing yoga, facilitating sound baths, or hanging with my dogs.


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