About Me

Melissa Dowler, Director, Video Content Maker & creator in the shimmering space between truth and imagination

I offer my clients a fresh approach to filmmaking, with a foundation in the divine feminine. The creative process is a magical journey of discovery. My role as a director is to be your guide, creating a safe container that allows you to be present, curious, and connected to your intuition.

I make documentaries, music videos, branded content, and scripted films about transformation and self-discovery, coming of age and seeking connection, and the impact of art and technology on our world. My inspired collaborations are with artists, conscious business owners, teachers, healers, activists, and musicians.

My goal for every project is to co-create film and video content that feels like the truest reflection of you and what you offer to the world.

I’m Capricorn Sun (organized and ambitious), Cancer Moon (emotionally attuned), and Scorpio Rising (highly intuitive, sometimes mysterious). I’ve produced and directed content with brands of all sizes, on complex projects, across the United States and in places like Paris, Berlin and Singapore. The experience of living through a global pandemic helped me recognize that my mission is to make films about people who heal and empower (others, animals, the planet) through their work.

I was born in the thick of winter in Boston, Massachusetts but I’ve never been able to handle cold weather. My spiritual home where I discovered myself, started my career and met my love is London, England. My physical home, and the place that currently influences me most, is Southern California. I’m inspired by artists with distinctly feminine, spiritual and autobiographical elements to their work like Frida Kahlo, Agnes Varda, Miranda July, and Georgia O’Keeffe.